Treating the body with natural detox after exposure to heavy metals and other poisons

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Once you have been diagnosed as having been exposed and or poisoned by heavy metals such as mercury and lead and products such as arsenic and aluminium they need to be successfully removed from the body. This can be done quite easily but then you need to minimize exposure to them so you are not affected once more.

Many life altering changes can occur from acute, a single high dose exposure or ingestion and chronic poisoning a prolonged low dose exposure or ingestion.

Aluminium is one substance that does not occur naturally and it has a high mortality rate of up to 60% on the Indian subcontinent. In the western world aluminium is found in products in our home including foods, cosmetics and saucepans.

Mercury, lead and arsenic are found in the earth’s water, soil and air and is a naturally occurring substance. They are found in ground water and seawater, fresh produce and in the workplace. These substances can all be removed from the body with natural detox methods that include eating foods like garlic and celery.


There are chemical treatments available for some and others need some natural methods of avoidance and elimination from our bodies. One method of natural detox is to use reflexology to activate organs and parts of the body to eliminate the toxin. One way that is easy to use at home is to use detox foot pads. These pads are placed on the feet in the evening and left on overnight and then removed in the morning.

This natural detox method works on the reflexology of the foot and will be filled with toxins in the morning. It is amazing how is removed from the body by natural methods.

Methods of natural detox for substances


  • Chlorella, an aquatic plant, detoxifies connective tissues
  • Cilantro detoxifies cells and the brain
  • Porphrazyme is a chlorophyll product
  • Minerals such as magnesium, sodium, zinc
  • Vitamins E, C



  • Celery and cilantro
  • Natural detox food pads


  • No natural detox is known for toxic doses of aluminium
  • For exposure to aluminium around the home you can use garlic, onions and sulphur rich foods
  • Use natural detox foot pads at night to eliminate toxins
  • Take calcium, magnesium and iron supplements

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